Using multiple types of SCDs within the same entity

Can I create multiple types of SCDs on the same entity in Astera DWBuilder? For instance, I want to have historical records (SCD2) inserted if there is a change in a customer’s city or address, but I also want history for the recent value only (SCD3) for his other attribute changes like Name or category. I have seen you allow this at design time, but I am unsure whether it is supported at runtime.

Yes, you can use different types of SCDs within the same entity in Astera DWBuilder. During the dimension loading process, the dimension loader checks the type of SCD assigned to each field and then treats it accordingly. The beauty of this feature is that it takes care of SCDs in a smooth manner and inserts and updates records wherever required without messing up the data.

See below configuration of a dimension with different SCDs as an example.