SCD6 giving error during design

I am trying to configure slowly changing dimension (SCD-6) but getting the following error during verification. Can you help me figure out the issue?

It seems like the configuration of the dimension ‘Patient’ is not correct. SCD6’s behavior is a combination of SCD 1, SCD 2, and SCD 3. It adds a new row for new information like SCD2, updates the value in previous row like SCD1, and stores the previous value in the same row like SCD3.

In short, for using SCD6, you need to have another field that can store previous value of the column on which you are applying SCD6. The role assigned to the second field is SCD6-Historical value.

Here’s a sample entity to understand it better. See below:

As you can see, here we have created another field with the same data type and length and assigned the role SCD6-Historical Value to it. Please note that we’reusing this field in Related Dimension Field as well as for the field ‘FirstName’.