How does Astera Data Model Provider work?

While going through the list of data providers Astera DWBuilder supports in the DB Source object, I noticed that you guys have one of your own - Astera Data Model. How can I go about using this?

A deployed data model is available as a virtual database that can be used in ETL pipelines. In Astera DWBuilder, you can use the tables in these virtual databases as sources or destinations in dataflows, which represent the ETL or ELT functionality of the product.

Multiple objects in the dataflow toolbox can be used to access data models that have been deployed on the server. These include:

• Database Table Source
• Data Model Query Source
• SQL Query Source
• Fact Loader
• Dimension Loader

Of these, the first three can be used as source objects and the other two can be used as destination objects. However, the Database Connection screen in the Properties configuration window is common in all of these objects.

In your case, upon selecting Astera Data Model in the Database Source object, a list of required credentials will appear on the screen.

Here, you must provide your Astera DWBuilder username (the default is admin), your Astera DWB password (the default is Admin123) and the server connection in the given format. This is the server where you’ve deployed your data models.

Once you’ve filled in the required credentials, the Database dropdown menu will provide a list of deployments that are running on the server. Choose the deployment that you wish to access.

This Database Table Source object will now have access to the tables present in the deployed datamodel.