How to propagate data model changes to a database

I reverse engineered a database (having no relationships between tables) from SQL Server onto my data model. I then created the required relationships in ADWB on the data model level. Now, I want to carry these changes to the database. How can I do that?

After creating the required relationships in the data model, you can carry the changes to your database by using the “Apply Diff Script” option available in the data model designer.

On doing so, a window will appear showing you the tables affected by the changes as shown below. Click “Execute” to propagate those changes to your existing database.


You can also see other options like generating the script that creates and saves the entire script to a file. This is here to make sure things are fine before executing the scripts. Also, apart from calculating differences, there is another option of creating the entire DDL script without considering what exists in the database. This option can be used if you have an entirely new (and empty) database.