Forward engineer a database to a different data provider

reverse engineered a database from SQL Server onto my data model and then made some changes. I now want to forward engineer this model to an Oracle database. Can I do that in Astera DW Builder? If yes, then how?

After reverse engineering a database from SQL Server, you can forward engineer the data model to an Oracle or any other supported destination by following the steps below:

  1. Select the ‘Change Database Connection Info’ option available in the data model designer.
  2. A window will appear where you can point the connection to your Oracle database by providing its credentials, click OK.
  3. Now select the ‘Apply DDL Script’ option available in the data model designer and click OK. It will forward engineer the data model to your Oracle database
    Use ‘Apply diff Script’ if you wish to carry any changes made to your database after applying the DDL script. Furthermore, you can also generate the DDL and Diff scripts if needed by using the ‘Generate DDL Script’ and ‘Generate Diff Script’ options shown below.


Note: The best practice for doing this cross-provider table creation is to verify the model first before applying the script as shown below.