Email Source: File Move Workflow

This is a follow-up on Scheduler Task and Email Source Issues
I have set up an email source dataflow to download PDF attachments from a shared mailbox to a folder on our S3 location. The report model uses that localfile path in the email source as the input for the source PDFs and then extracts to a delimited destination output file.
I am trying to set up a secondary workflow for these email attachments where it moves the source PDFs to either a Processed or Error folder in S3 once the dataflow loop runs. The entire process workflow is successful, except it is not successfully executing the File Move system actions once the dataflow completes. Can you advise what changes we may need to make for the file move to work?

Transaction Dataflow screenshot below: to download attachments to S3 and then use that local file path as the folder input for the report model. The dataflow is working properly.

Report Model Settings within Transaction Dataflow:
Process Workflow: Intended to format the destination file name format (using the expression), then post the dataflow running, use the 0 errors decision criteria to control the File Move actions to relocate the PDFs to either the Processed or Error folder depending on the decision response.
I have also tried the below workflow with:

  1. Variable FilePath Source mapped to the Dataflow Input File Path. – still did not work
  2. Dataflow Input FilePath mapped to File System Action Source Paths (instead of the Variable FilePathSource mapped to the file system action Source Path) – still did not work


Note: We already have this working when using an S3 cloud connection variable as the report model input file path, so I was trying to model that workflow here. Once the dataflow processes and extracts the output file, we have a decision based on 0 records in error for each PDF that is processed.

If true, we use the File Move shared action to move the PDF from a source file folder to a Processed file folder in S3.

If false, we use the File Move shared action to move the PDF from a source file folder to an Error file folder in S3.


We can notice that in the dataflow you have an email source from where the attachments are downloaded and processed in the report model. Also, we can see that in the workflow you are passing the source file path in the File System Action from Variables. Is there any master workflow from where this value is flowing?

Thank you

Hi Team,

In our regular S3 workflow that I was trying to replicate, we do have a master “source workflow” where we embed the Process workflow that contains the File System Action (File Move). That flow looks like below. I tried using this same master workflow configuration for the email source dataflow/process workflow, but it didn’t seem to work.

Hello, is it possible for you to get on a call with us as we cannot comprehend the design of your flows? Can you please let us know of your availability?

Meeting Notes:

We saw that due to the execution of the master workflow first, the File System Item Source object was iterating through an empty cloud directory to search for the pdf files. The required pdfs were not in the cloud directory as they were being downloaded by an Email Source object after the child dataflow’s execution.

So, we suggested client to use an Email Source object in the master workflow to firstly download the pdf attachments to the cloud directory. Then, create another workflow that will allow the File System Item Source object to iterate through the cloud directory and provide only the pdf file paths to the children flows for further processing. That worked out.