Unable to read data from a CSV file

I am trying to write a very simple data flow that maps a single-line CSV file to a single-line fixed ASCII file. For some reason when I bring the file in via a Delimited File Source and preview data on the source, 80% of the time it gives me the response “Command did not generate any records.” For the remaining 20% of the time, it returns the single line, as expected.

What is the version number you are seeing this behavior in? I would suggest that you download and upgrade to the latest version. There was a fix done recently in this area. I have emailed you the link for the build. Let me know if you still see this behavior.

I am able to preview data across the dataflow now, but when I try to run it, it seems to indicate that it was successful, but it’s showing zero records on the results grid most of the time.

One time it showed the record that I’m working with, but it had an error on the fixed file output. How can I view this error on the fixed file output?

I know the server has access to the destination file because it creates an empty file. Any suggestions?


When you run the dataflow, does it show any numbers in the red column for errors? I am thinking that perhaps all records are failing. To see what these errors are, attach a record-level error to the output of your destination file.

The results are inconsistent. I am using two delimited input files, each with a single record. It seems as if the results’ grid is showing zero input records most of the time.

I had a similar issue last week where when I would preview my inputs, often they would show up empty. This feels like the same problem, only specific to the data flow when I run it, not when I preview it.

My version is

Also, I cannot view your video as that website is blocked in my office, but I cannot see the output for my destination. I am using a fixed file destination. I don’t see any place on my fixed destination object to attach an error log.

You can hook the record level log immediately to the right of the fixed-length destination.

Can you show me a screenshot of the server version as well?

We got the server updated to the newest version and now I am seeing all of my records being processed as expected, but I am still getting an error on my output. I don’t know how to view the error detail. I cannot attach a record level log because my destination does not have an output that I can connect to a record level log. It is a fixed file destination, and it only has INPUT, not OUTPUT.


Your fixed destination object must have the little white triangles on the right side. This is the output. You can map to a record-level log from the right side of your destination.

I think I am missing something simple about workflow creation. I have a very simple workflow that runs a dataflow if a specific file exists. I have a decision task, and then a Run Workflow task. I am getting an error as follows:

Execution terminated due to error. Expression <FileExists(“I:\APChecks\apexportcancel.CSV”)> was not generated property. Unrecognized escape command.

Here is a screenshot of my workflow:

It looks like it is choking on the \ character. Try replacing it with \.