Error log file being used by another process

I’m having issues with a file today.

  1. I cannot run a dataflow because it says the Error_Log file is being used by another process.
  2. So, I click on the LINK, and it says this file doesn’t exist.
  3. I look in my explorer and it does exist.
  4. So, I tried to delete it from the LAN . It wouldn’t let me because it said it was being used by another program.

• I have nothing running.
• I completely closed Astera/Centerprise and still can’t do Step 4
5. I now reopened Centerprise and checked your Database connections — and I have 6. (I WAS the only one using Centerprise now)

Try stopping the Centerprise service on your machine and closing the Centerprise client and then see if you can delete it from the LAN. If you cannot, that means someone else has a hold on this file.
The fact that your server shows that you have 6 connections open is not good. It looks like you have a subflow in your dataflow as well. Let me have a close look at this. I will get back to you if I find something.

I will try and reproduce this sometime this week. I’m certain no one else had the file. I am the only one working on this project.

I inspected your flows, and everything is in order.

Try to see if you can get this again. If it does happen, start your "Task Manager,” and see if you have the Astera.Transferservice.exe process running. If you do, kill it, and then try to access the file. If this is the case, then this means the server is not closing the file writer and we’ll have to fix it.