Best Practices of Posting a Question on the Community

Search Before You Post

Chances are that if you have a question about one of our products, someone else has asked it already on the forum. Therefore, before you go on to create a post for it, type your query or keywords in the search bar to see if the question already exists and has been answered. If it doesn’t exist, post your question on the forum so users can respond.

Draft Your Question Well

Without a clear, concise, and complete question, it may not be possible to get a good answer. Therefore, make sure that you include complete details of your query, such as the error messages, product version number, etc., along with examples and sample data where applicable.

By the time you decide to post a question on the community, you have probably tried a bunch of things already to fix the issue. Make sure that you let users know about them to save everyone’s time.

Be a Little Patient

After you have posted your question, it is natural to expect a prompt response. However, remember that you are posting on the community because it was not an easy question to answer. Therefore, it may take other users some time to replicate the issue and find an answer.

If you feel that your question might have gone unnoticed, try editing your question a little and add more information that might help other users in understanding the problem. Meanwhile, if you are able to find a solution yourself, don’t forget to post the answer and mark it as the solution.