How to Post a Question?

Before asking a question, we recommend that you search the community and find out if your question has already been answered. If you are unable to find a similar question, you can go ahead and post your question in the relevant category.

Let’s say you need help with configuring a connector in Centerprise. Head over to the Support Queries Category, and select the appropriate sub-category, i.e., Astera Centerprise. Next, click on New Topic.

Draft your message using the editor. You can format your text in several ways, such as bold the font, italicize it, add bulleted lists, and more using Markdown. Make sure to add relevant tags before posting your question. Once you have posted it, you will get email notifications for any answers posted on your topic. If your question is answered, make sure to mark the best answer as the solution.

Here is a guide on how to compose a good, well-explained question that might be helpful too.