What is the purpose of the "Text Qualifier" option? Should I keep it checked?


Can someone elaborate on the functionality of this option (Text qualifier)?

A “Text Qualifier” is typically a double quote character used to surround a field value that is used to signal to some text processor that this value contains a character that is normally used for something else, such as a delimiter. For example, if I have a delimited file separated by commas, I could have a row of data that looks like this:

billy, “123 main st, anytown, USA”, 555-55-5510

Notice that the address field is surrounded in quotes. This is the text qualifier and it is used to let parsing systems know to not treat the commas in the address as delimiters.

However, Report Miner is not parsing the data using this logic, so these text qualifiers tend to just pollute the data. So, this checkbox is a way to automatically get rid of them if you want. I would leave it unchecked and then, you’ll know to check it back if you end up with data that had quotes you were not expecting.