Understanding Trust Levels, User Privileges, and Badges

Trust Levels

Astera User Community is hosted on Discourse, a platform that uses trust levels as a way to sandbox new user accounts and limit their privileges to prevent unintentional damage to their own account or to other users. In addition, trust levels are also a way to recognize and reward users for their valuable contributions to the community.

Here is a list of trust levels assigned to users based on their natural progression within the community.

Trust Level 0 – New

Trust level 0 is assigned to users who have just created the account and are still learning about the community. Users at trust level 0 cannot perform certain actions for their own and others safety. These include:

  • Flag posts
  • Mention more than 2 community users in a post
  • Post more than 3 topics
  • Post more than 10 replies
  • Have links in the ‘about me’ of their own profile

Progressing from level 0 to level 1 is fairly easy. All a user needs to do is spend 10 minutes on reading posts, read at least 30 posts, or create 5 topics.

Trust Level 1 – Basic

The basic badge is assigned to users who are promoted to Trust Level 1 by reading a few topics to learn more about the community. At this level, the user is granted essential community privileges, such as the ability to send a personal message to other users, flag a post, edit wiki posts, and add multiple images and links to their own posts.

Trust Level 2 – Member

Trust level 2 is assigned to users who show continued commitment to making this community grow by:

  • Visiting the community at least 15 days
  • Cast and receive 1 like
  • Reply to 3 topics
  • Creating 20 topics
  • Reading 100 posts
  • Spend 60 minutes reading others’ posts

As a user with trust level 2, you can invite other users to a topic, ignore other users, and edit their own posts for up to 1 month after posting. In addition, the daily like, post edit, and flag limits also increase by 1.5x at trust level 2.

Trust Level 3 – Regular

Regulars are the most active and reliable contributors who elevate to trust level 3 by:

  • Visiting at least 50% of days in the last 100 days
  • Replied to 10 topics in the last 100 days
  • Viewed 25% of the topics and 25% of the posts created in the last 100 days
  • Received 20 likes and given 30 likes

However, unlike trust levels 0, 1, and 2, users at trust level 3 can be demoted if they don’t meet the requirements in the last 100 days. Privileges available at trust level 3 include:

  • Access to secure categories visible to TL3 users only
  • Ability to flag and immediately hide spam posts by TL0 users
  • Ability to auto silence a TL0 user with several spam flags on their post
  • Mark their posts as wiki posts
  • Recategorize and rename topics

Trust Level 4 – Leader

Trust level 4 can be attained by manual promotion by staff only. This level is awarded to users who have been around for a long time and have gained community trust by sharing their knowledge and providing their advice.

There are several important privileges associated with TL4, including:

  • Ability to edit posts
  • Ability to pin, unpin, close, archive, split, merge, and unlist topics
  • Flag and immediately hide any post
  • Send PMs to email addresses

User Badges

Badges serve as a motivator for users to engage with the community and share their product knowledge with other users. There are two categories of badges that users can earn:

  • Getting Started Badges – Awarded upon completion of different tasks
  • Community Badges – Awarded upon making efforts to grow the community

The complete list of badges can be found here.

To view the badges that you have earned, go to the main page and click on your profile picture.


You will see a notification that you have earned a badge. To view the details, click on the notification.

Here, you can see the description of the badge along with the option to see other members with the same badge.

To find the complete list of badges that you have earned, open your profile summary, and click on badges. You can mark a maximum of 3 badges as favorites and display them on your user card.