Segregating records customer-wise from a single source

We have several customers and their monthly/quarterly/yearly data is recorded in a single Excel sheet on our counter. At the end of each period, we need to send those customers their invoices.

Is there any other way we can create separate invoices for each customers automatically without having to edit the dataflow every time a new customer joins?

This is definitely doable in Astera Centerprise using the variables and the ‘ Write to Multiple Files Option’ in the destination objects.

In your dataflow, select your source object and map everything you need to an Expression object.

Now get a Variable object and use it for the file path. In the default value, enter the directory path where you want your destination files to be saved.

In the expression, create another field and provide full file path of the files that will be saved. To do so, you can make use of the Variable field you create and append the unique code/ID of the customers to it with the file extension in string form at the end.

For example, Variables1.FilePath + CustomerID + “.csv” in the expression tab of the new field you created in the expression object.

Now get a destination object and enable Write to multiple files in it. Map everything to its data node, except the file path you created in the expression object which will be mapped to the FilePath field under the File node in the destination object. Run the dataflow and you are done!