RMTCMD call to iSeries from within the Centerprise


We are trying to get an RMTCMD (Submit Remote Command) to work from within Centerprise.

From our Centerprise Server at a command line, the following command runs successfully. It calls a program on our iSeries.

We can not get the command to work from within the Centerprise.

Here are two of the many ways we have tried so far.

First Method:

Second method:


What happens if you wrap all that in a .bat file? Can you run from the .bat file? Run from Centerprise calling the .bat file?

I couldn’t get the RMTCMD.exe to work from within a .bat file. It just blinks.

If it won’t work from a .bat file, it won’t work in Centerprise. There is something we’re missing here.

When I put the command into a .bat file, it works manually, but an iSeries login screen pops up:

This might be confusing the workflow.
The Help says nothing about this screen:

Do you have documentation or examples for common uses of this setup?

For Centerprise to be able to run executables, there can not be any UI show up on the screen. Due to the nature of Windows, services (such as ours) cannot interact with graphical user interfaces such as your login screen.