Requesting a verification warning when fields are mapped to incorrect data type fields

One Problem that we have experienced several times Is incorrect Mappings from one source to a target Input in a DataFlow or WorkFlow.

In this example SQLQuerySource has two output variables

StateAbbre which is a string Variable

And SpeedLimit which is an integer Version

DemoDataFlow has there Input Variables

inMainJobID which is integer

StateCode which is a sring

And SpeedLimit which is incorrect

In this example

The JobId is incorrectly mapped into $JobFilePath for DemoDataFlow.

The StateAbbr is incorrectly mapped into DemoDataFlow.inMainJobID

The SpeedLimit from SQLQuerySource is incorrectly Mapped into DemoDataFlow.StateCode

Could you please Add a Warning error for any mapping into a Called WorkFlow or Dataflow as displayed below.

This would be especially helpful for with respect to any incorrect mapping into $JobFilePath on Dfs and WFs.