Moving Email Folders

Hi Team,
Does Astera have the capability to move an email from one Outlook folder to another based on the sender email domain? I have used the email source object to download attachments to our S3 location and then process the documents against the related report model. However, I was curious whether we could redirect the inbound emails from the generic “Inbox” to a specific subfolder before running that dataflow.
We are trying to determine whether this rule would need to be set up via Outlook rules or if Astera has this option. We can use the “process unread emails” and “mark as read” settings, but since our users have access to this mailbox via regular outlook, we are trying to determine the best way to avoid someone accidentally marking an email read via Outlook and then it not getting picked up by the workflow (aka – just getting completely missed).

We don’t support this functionality in Centerprise but you can perform this action by using the outlook rules option that will help in receiving emails in the specified folder made in outlook on the basis of sender’s email domain. You can then use our Email Source to read emails from that specified folder and download its attachments. I am also attaching the link that will help you in creating a folder in Outlook. Manage email messages by using rules
Let us know if you have any further concerns/question.