Issue in previewing the join

I wanted to do multiple aggregations in a sequence. Following is an example scenario:
I have 3 fields: ID, ValidFromDate, ValidToDate
What I need to be able to do is:
Group by ID and select records with the most recent ValidFromDate
Then Group by ID and select records with the maximum ValidUntilDate
As it is very easy to do in SSMS, I was sure Astera can also do this.
I recreated a dataflow with the required joins. But, when I try to preview prior to creation of the table in destination, I am receiving this message:

It seems like there is some mistake when joining the tables, or the keys used to join the tables are wrong. Are you sure you made the right joins?
Do you have the equivalent join SQL query? We can do a screenshare session to have a look at it.
Also, I just realized that it can’t be that the two fields from left hand side be different, because there were only two output records from left hand side. The value for blob for each event ID will be same I believe in both the columns. Please verify this, or an easier way to do this would be to save all 4 fields output in a delimited file and send it over to Astera, I will have a look at it and find optimal solution for that.

The real issue is that we have a field with ‘Image’ datatype, and aggregates don’t work with this DBType. Bug or as designed, need to verify from connectors team.

Update: A bug with was filed and resolved for this issue.