Integrate third-party programs


We have a use case in which we are connecting to IBM OnDemand to retrieve the data and then we are feeding the data downloaded to our workflow.

The program we are calling is an EXE file that does the process of downloading to a given folder.

Is there a way to integrate this third party program so we could have a one step process of getting the data and then feeding into our workflow?


Hi Ali,

There is a way to integrate your third-party program with Centerprise. We have a workflow task object [Run Program] (Run Program — Centerprise 9 documentation) that is used to run an executable command, or batch file, as part of your workflow. For your case, you will need to create 2 workflows.

  1. Workflow 1: You can use the run program object from workflow tasks, simply give the exe file path and provide arguments for the command, if there are any, and check the "Wait for Task to Complete" option to stop Centerprise from proceeding to the next task in the workflow until the exe file process completes successfully. Once your program has downloaded files for you to a given folder, you can connect it to a run workflow object. and call “workflow 2” into it.

  2. Workflow 2: This workflow consists of the task that you’re already managing once the files are dropped into the folder through exe file task. You can use the file system item source object or drop file scheduler task to process files in the directory where the files are downloaded and then you can use them in your processes.