Increasing row limit in ReportMiner

I loaded a document consisting of 68 Pages in ReportMiner, the Row Count/Line Count consumed by this document on ReportMiner exceeds 5000 lines and stops displaying the remaining pages of the document that are above the row limit i.e. over 5000’th line. Is there a way to increase the row Limit in ReportMiner?

Yes, the row limit in Astera ReportMiner can be altered using the “Line Count” option in the “Other Options” tab of the “Report Options” window.

Go to the ‘Report Options’ panel, expand the ‘Other Options’ tab. Here, you can see the ‘Displayed Line Count’ option which is set to 5000 by default. Click the upward arrow button to increase it to a row count value that can display your full document in ReportMiner.