How to read text pipe Delimited File?

Is there any way to read the pipe delimited text file with additional double quotes for each row?

You can use Field Delimiter as | to import the file in centerprise. This will separate the fields on the basis of pipe | occurring in the text file. Then you can use Data Cleanse transformation to remove the additional quotes around the fields by checking on Punctuation checkbox in Data Cleanse properties.

I have this address which contains a pipe in between which is part of the address. Using pipe only as a delimiter split the address into two different fields.

|"“200 Horseshoe Lodge|Warsash”"|

So this solution is not that fit here. Can you suggest to me some other way?

You can then use |" as a delimiter in this case (Screenshot Attached). This will not split your address into two if it only contains a pipe in between.

Later you can use data cleanse transformation to remove some additional quotes by checking on the Punctuation checkbox. Also to remove the pipe in between Lodge|Warsash and add space by checking Find and Replace option in the data cleanse transformation. (Screenshot attached).