How to omit fields from capturing in the data region?


I have created a reportmodel in which some garbage data is captured in the data region.
In the reportmodel, I am using a data region which is capturing two fields ‘FIELD_1’ and ‘FIELD_2’, just because ‘FIELD_2’ height is not fixed that is why I am using region end type as ‘Another region starts’ and field’s height as ‘Till region end’ so that it would capture the field with varied height.
Now the issue is, in this solution some of the data which I don’t need is capturing in this field and data region. I don’t know how to omit this data from capturing. Can you please give me a workaround?

Thank you


To omit the lines from capturing in the data region, you can add a another child data region capturing those lines in it. In this way, your main data region with region end type as ‘Another region starts’ will span just before the line which you do not want.
In your reportmodel, you can add a single-instance child data region and specify the pattern so that the lines which you don’t want in your main data region will capture in that child data region. See the screenshot below.

Thank you