How to divide a single Excel source file into multiple sets of data

I want to perform different actions on different sets of records in the same Excel file. The datasets consist of 100 rows each and each set starts with a heading and multiple blank rows.

I want these different sets of records to be treated as different sources. These are records from different verticals of my business and I need to perform different actions on them and save them separately. Is there a way to do this in Astera Centerprise version 8?

The tasks you are trying to perform are very much doable in Astera Centerprise. You can simply tweak a few options in the Excel Source properties and achieve your goal.

Firstly, select the source file and mention the cell reference in the start address that comes up on the first page of the Excel source properties. For example, if your first set of records is staring from A3, you can enter that in the start address and then the next set of records will start from A104, if there are 100 records and 1 blank row and so on.

Next up, you can select the number of blank rows that appear consecutively in your Excel file that would mark the end of your set of data.

Now, in the same dataflow or another dataflow, you can use another Excel source object and repeat the same steps you performed earlier. However, this time, the start address will be different depending on where the next set of records begins in your source file.