How to connect two servers in a cluster?

Can someone please tell me how can I make a cluster in Centerprise? I have two VMs and want to connect both servers in a single cluster.

To make a cluster, you need to connect both servers (on both VMs) to a single database repository. Then both servers will be visible on the cluster monitor.

Thanks. Can you tell me how can I connect a new server to that same repo. Do I have to disconnect the previous server to connect this one?

No, you don’t need to disconnect the previous server. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Server Explorer
  2. Click on Configure
  3. Select the “Rebuild Database and Reconfigure Server” option
  4. Provide the Database (Which is the common DB Repo for both servers)
  5. Press OK
    (Screenshot is also attached)

So in this way, I can connect my single Client with two Servers? But can it be a combination of Production and Non Production server?

Yes in this way you can connect two servers with a single client having single cluster database but it is not recommended to have a single cluster database for Non Production and Production servers as all servers that are connected to the same repository are considered as clones.