How to avoid repeat occurrence and multiple counting

We have a lot of customers and various products in our portfolio but owing to poor record keeping, we do not have a proper database with differentiated sheets for everything.

Now, is there a way we can extract the information of all the customers we have had since the beginning and also the products from a single orders sheet that has all the required details through Astera Centerprise?

I have tried doing it but the customers’ and products’ occurrence repeat in respective columns and that leads to multiple counting.

This can be done using the Distinct transformation object in Astera Centerprise.

In a dataflow, select your source file and get the Distinct transformation object from transformations tab in the toolbox. Map all the customers (or products) related fields to the distinct object.

On the second page of the distinct properties, select a key field that should be a unique identifier for different customers, maybe a customer ID or number. Now map all the fields to a destination file and you’ll have all the records you need.