Hotkeys to close Expression editing windows

When editing expressions in the expression dialogs and other dialogs Im often finding myself losing work when clicking out of the window. I would love if there were hotkeys to both confirm my changes and close the window. This is probably the smallest thing about this DWBuilder that is giving me the most grief.

Hi Nick,
Thanks for this suggestion, I will bring this up in our future builds.

Hi Nick,
Just to confirm here as I’m clicking out of this expression box to any other box for example on the Name column, it is not removing any of my changes.

Or if I open the expression box with three dots, then make any changes, and click out of the window it is not closing the window but I agree here on pressing Esc Key it should not directly close all the windows and in this case, there should be a popup.
Please let me know if you are talking about the same behavior that needs to be added.