Creating Child and Parent Aliases in ADWB

While creating entity relationships in AsteraDW Builder, I noticed the option for parent and child aliasing. Is this something I have to create manually or will DW Builder do that for me when I reverse engineer my database? What if I want to change it later? Will it affect my database?

Aliases are logical names that Astera DWBuilder assigns to relationships when they are reverse engineered or created manually using relationship builder. These aliases do not exist physically; they are a user-defined alternative name for the parent and child entity.

These aliases assist the user while writing queries in Astera DWBuilder. This means that rather than having to remember the names given to the entities in a database, the user can use these aliases instead.

In addition to this, these names are used when creating hierarchies in the DataModelQuery.
As an example, look at the parent and child aliases in the image below. Here, ‘OrderShipper’ is the parent alias whereas ‘ShipperOrders’ is the child alias.

‘Orders’ is the child entity or root entity. When selected as the root element while using the ‘DataModelQuery’ object, ‘Shippers’ will be displayed with its alias of ‘OrderShipper’ instead of the entity name in the hierarchy. See below: