Connecting Client with Production and Non Production Server

Our Astera/ReportMiner subscription includes a Non-Prod Server (8 cores) and Production Server (16 cores), with 8 client activations. Our 8 users activated their local instance of ReportMiner with the non-prod license. Can we use a Non-Prod instance of the ReportMiner client to connect to a production server and not run into any issues or would we need to have a separate instance of the ReportMiner client installed and activated with a production license in order to connect to the prod server?

There is no need for a separate instance of ReportMiner Client when shifting from one server to another. If the server is already activated then you can just connect your clients to that server. Or in case your Production Server is not activated previously then you can use any one client to activate using the license key provided and then connect other clients to that server.