Conditional base calling of dataflow in a workflow


I’m trying to create a workflow where I need to do conditional based calling of 3 different dataflows. Condition is based on one of the column values of the source JSON file. If you see the attached Workflow, the column is “Site” which can contain any one of the 3 values mentioned in the Switch transformation.

I need to use that value to route to one dataflow call at a time as shown in the below screenshot. But unfortunately, I can’t use Route transformation in Workflows (only in dataflows). So when this workflow runs only 1 out of the 3 dataflow calls can happen (Df1 or Df2 or Df3). Could you please suggest what can be the best way to do this?


You can use the decision object to give the condition there, that is, site value = “Irvine”; then, if the condition is true, it will run dataflow 1; on false, it goes to another decision object where the site value = “ATL”; if it’s true, then dataflow 2 will run, otherwise dataflow 3 will run by default. I have attached a screenshot of the workflow for your use case.

Faris Hussain