Can a variable be used in the same dataflow it was generated in?

Inside a dataflow I am trying to set up a variable to store a date value to be checked against for an incremental load process. The date data is being pulled from a table object into an aggregate object to find the MAX() value of that date, which is then passed to a Passthru object and tagged as a variable there.

At this point the data seems to be correct. You can ‘Preview Output’ and the max date value is generated correctly on the variable field.

I then set up an output variable object, and pointed the parameter path to the passthru object. It’s at this point that the process stops working. The variable object does not seem to receive the data from the passthru object.

I tried this another way and added a calculation to the aggregate object to $SetVariable() directly to the variable from the aggregate object, but again the variable object contains no data.

After connecting all of the nodes to a filter that checks LastUpdate against the stored varible, and reading the output SQL file, the stored variable is just coming up NULL.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks!