Adding Tools to Toolbox

How do I add additional Tools to my ReportMiner 7 (version Toolbox?

I am not seeing all the Tools that are showing in tutorials.

Specifically “File System Items Source.”


There are sufficient tools in Dataflow to create an ETL pipeline. If you use workflow, you will find an additional section in the toolbox named ‘Workflow Tasks’. These tools are specific to workflows and can only be used at the workflow level e.g. File System Item Source.

If you are following a tutorial, be sure at what level of flow you are working on, whether it is dataflow or a workflow. You can identify the flow by the designer’s color as well.

We can add Dataflow by going to, File > New > Dataflow.

We can add Workflow by going to, File > New > Workflow.

After creating a workflow, we can use the different Workflow tasks.

Can you verify this option is available in the version Of ReportMiner I am using?

ReportMiner 7 (version

I am not seeing an option to add a Workflow.

The tutorial I am looking at is on the Astera site, here is a screenshot of the step:

Below is what I am seeing when I add a new Dataflow (as shown in the tutorial):


Hi, I think you don’t have access to these options on your license. For any license updates you can contact support at:

Where can I locate what options are available on my license?

You can confirm that with your IT person that what features are permitted on the license or you can also send an email to by providing your license key there.